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First blog post!

Seeing the words “This is your first blog post” is very daunting. My palms are sweating (knees weak, arms are heavy) slightly with the horror of being boring or heaven forbid I make a grammar mistake! But I’ll push forward and hope that everything works out.

As this is my first post I thought I’d let you know the things I plan on writing future posts about, so you can decide whether you like what I’m about or whether you think I’m a waste of your time and decide you want nothing to do with a gal like me.

So I enjoy the usual fashion, make up and skin care but I have other areas I want to write about to avoid becoming a stereotypical blogger. As stated in my “Me, myself and I” I’ve spent 3 years at University and boy do I have some stories to tell you! (Well, the stories that won’t get me in trouble with the parents…I maybe 22 but nothing is worse then a parent being disappointed with you….except waking up 5 minutes before your alarm is supposed to go off)

I also have multiple tattoos, and judging by people’s reactions to them, I thought why not write about them! Tattoos are something I love getting but also love learning about other people’s tattoos and I definitely have more in the works (sorry Nan).

Since I love reading, there maybe a book review or two working it’s way on here and I can’t not ever write about my biggest obsession in life….Disney!

So I hope you like some of the stuff I plan on writing about and comment and let me know if there’s anything in particular that you wanna know. At first I’ll write whenever until I get into the swing of this and then I’ll hopefully have a schedule…which I will try my hardest to stick to but I am an utterly useless excuse for a human.


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” 
– Walt Disney


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