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Second thoughts: Avon ideal flawless liquid foundation

It was autumn/winter 2015, my skin was unbelievably dry and not even my lightest foundation was helping cover my imperfections whilst not clinging to my dry patches. I was desperately trying new foundations in the hope that magical foundation would appear. Enter Avon ideal flawless.

However this wasn’t the life changing experience I was praying for. The full coverage did nothing but emphasize the dry patches and it was immediately wiped off my skin and put away in my make up box with heavy disappointment.

One year later. 

Sitting thinking of what foundation I should do my first review on when my eyes spot the Avon ideal flawless foundation and since I’ve switched up my skin care since last using it, I thought why not? And boy was I not disappointed.

First, I’ll address what Avon states about their product. They claim the foundation gives an”undetectable full coverage” and has “invisiblend technology” which is made of light scattering pigments that act like your natural skin. While the product may be buildable, for those of you with dry to very dry skin, one layer will be all you need. The consistency is thicker then most moisturizing foundations, however this does give it the full coverage that it claims. There is a slight glow to the foundation once applied but it doesn’t leave a dewy finish so can work with a range of skin types as stated on their website.

Note: those with extremely dry , flakey skin may want to avoid this product as there is slight clinging to any dry patches. Those with oily skin will still need to powder.

So onto what I thought. I was pleasantly surprised when the product wasn’t clinging desperately to the dry patch on my forehead and nose. There was very slight patchiness but something that can be overlooked on my part as it covered the redness of my cheeks and covered my blemishes rather well. See below a before and after so you can judge the coverage for yourself. In the photos I had only cleansed, toned and moisturized and no primer, powder or concealer was used. I also don’t have many imperfections  other then redness on my cheeks and some blemishes but it did provide a nice even base for the rest of my makeup.


However as time went on the foundation became slightly patchy and moved. My nose was oily and had hardly any product left. I’ll note here that I refused to touch up with any powder, because as my skin is dry I have no need to. My cheeks have become drier and some flakiness could be seen on closer inspection as well as the foundation sinking into my pores, making them seem more prominent. However, this was 6 hours after application so some movement and patchiness is expected and as the foundation never claims to last for a certain period of time, then it is not a major disappointment.

Side note: Foundation is not sweat proof

My overall opinion. The foundation is good if worn for only a couple of hours. Although the product seems thick and perfect for oily skin, it would need touching up with powder to avoid patchiness. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions with this product from hate to love to unsure. Yes the product had a nice coverage and the colour matched perfectly (around 17 shades to choose from) but I would not wear this as an all day foundation. I did like the packaging of a glass bottle accompanied with a pump. However if you have £12 to spare and don’t mind touching up throughout the day, then this might be the foundation for you.

Product: Avon Ideal Flawless
My Shade: Ivory
Price: £12
Available here (could not find this product on the UK website)


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