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Dry/Ageing Skin Care (Vegan & vegetarian friendly)

As someone with dry skin I find it hard to find a routine that helps moisturise, keeps my skin clear and don’t have to sell my soul to afford. At 22 I’ve gone through my fair share of cleansers and none of them seemed to work for my skin…until now. Rummaging through Superdrug I managed to find this super cheap range aimed at normal to dry skin or ageing skin. I have 7 products from this range but there are many more all at an affordable price and for more reviews on each product follow the links!

Side note: I am in no way affiliated with Superdrug, these are my honest opinions 🙂
Extra side note: All the products in this post are suitable for vegans and vegetarians and not tested on animals.

Hot Cloth Cleanser – £4.99 (200 ml)

hot-cloth-cleanserI have fallen in love with this cleanser. It has a thick and creamy consistency (great for dry skin)  but it doesn’t require much product to cleanse your entire face. It does have a slight scent of coco butter but it’s not overpowering and should be suitable for sensitive skin. I started using this product at the same time as coming off the pill (blog post coming soon!) and so was expecting my skin to majorly freak out, but was pleasantly surprised when the mass breakout I was expecting never happened (although I still get the occasional minor breakout). For me, this is an amazing dupe for the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, which I have previously used and loved.
*Also contains reusable muslin cloth*


Toning Facial Mist – £2.99 (150 ml)toning-mist

This facial mist is heaven in a bottle. This gives the skin a nice
moisture boost that sinks into the skin relatively quickly, meaning that it won’t be adding extra time to your morning/evening routine. I have noticed my face feels firmer, cleaner and more moisturised after spraying. Previous toners have always left my skin feeling drier so this was a nice surprise and is perfect for those drier winter months. However this product can also be perfect for cooling the skin down during summer so this is a perfect toner for all seasons.

This product comes in a spray bottle so it is easy to use and is travel safe.

Moisturising Day Cream – £2.99 (100 ml)

Day Cream.JPGYet another thick and creamy product (with a slight scent) that does wonders for my skin. This moisturiser sinks into my skin leaving it incredibly smooth and makes the perfect base for my foundation, including some of my more drying foundations! This is an amazing winter moisturiser and am annoyed that I didn’t find this sooner. The scent in the product is not strong and doesn’t transfer over to the skin and so it should be suitable for people with sensitive skin. This one tub does go a long way and contains an SPF of 15 as extra protection for your skin.

Gentle Oatmeal Exfoliator – £2.99 (100 ml)Oatmeal Exfoliator.JPG

Exfoliating dry skin can be a nightmare as you can’t exfoliate too
much and some products can be super harsh on the skin. Not this one. This is a very gentle and natural exfoliator that uses oatmeal instead of micro beads, meaning that this is better for your skin and the environment. After using this it leaves my skin feeling cleansed and soft.

Now, for some reason I could not find this specific product online, but I did manage to find a very similar product that still uses oatmeal as a main exfoliating source. Click here to find out more about this product.

Leave-on Moisture Mask – £2.99 (100 ml)

moisturising-maskThis product makes me nostalgic as the texture reminds me of the goo that used to be in those alien eggs…anyone? But OMG does it do wonders. Despite the consistency, the product really does hydrate your skin without it drying on your skin. As much as I love the nostalgia and the end results, I do have a fault with this. After a few minutes my face started to tingle slightly, despite leaving a large gap between the product and the sensitive skin under my eyes. According to other reviews its a similar reaction for others but if you don’t have sensitive skin and can handle a little bit of discomfort then this isn’t a bad little tub.

Nourishing Eye Cream – £2.99 (15 ml)Nourishing Eye Cream.JPG

I don’t have quite as much to say about this product other then the fact that it does leave my under eye feeling incredibly hydrated. This should make it great for ageing skin but as I don’t have wrinkles I can’t comment on the affects. This is a white-based cream so it is not designed to cover any dark circles but will lighten them slightly.

Although this has significantly less product in then the others, this can last a long time as it only need applying in the mornings and you only need a small amount.


Hair and Body Oil – £2.99 (75 ml)Dry Oil.JPG
This multipurpose oil is incredible and travel friendly.

  • Mix it into foundations for a dewy finish
  • Leave it on the skin overnight for extra hydration
  • Use on ends of hair for treating split ends or protecting damaged hair
  • Leave it on as a mask and wash off using a cloth
  • Can be used on dry or damp skin or hair




These are my thoughts on my new skin care products. Hope this was helpful to anyone who is looking into new skin care products for dry or ageing skin. Let me know in the comments what your holy grail skin care product is? Or if you have given this range a go, what were your thoughts?

“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle”

– Erno Laszlo


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