Why I came off the pill…


About 2 ½ years ago, I had enough. Enough of my periods being so irregular, enough of the buying endless amounts of pain relief, as I curled up clutching my stomach while my uterus punished me for not creating a baby (#girlproblems).

A couple of months ago, I had had enough again. Enough of the crippling depression this tiny pill was causing me.

So I went on the pill at around the time I had started university and at first it was all grand. My skin didn’t break out, I knew when my periods were going to be and the monthly pains had significantly reduced. A couple of months into taking the pill, I started to notice that I wasn’t as happy but I convinced myself it was because university was hard and that was why I was feeling so down.

I spent the rest of my university life experiencing this. Third year got really bad. I barely made it to lectures because I could not face the idea of getting up and dealing with the day. I would set my alarm and sit there in bed and watch as the time got closer to when I should leave. Watched as it went past this time and crept towards the time of the lecture. After this I would simply think “nope” and go back to sleep. This happened more then I would care to admit to anyone.

So when I left university I realised I had to sign up to another doctors back at home in order to receive the pill however the doctors required so many bits of information and proof that I decided that I had enough and that it simply was not worth the hassle. This was around the time that so many scientific studies were being released on just how much the contraceptive pill is the cause of depression in women.

Now of course not all depression is caused by the pill but an alarming 23% of contraceptive pill takers were likely to also be taking anti-depressants and the highest rates of this were among adolescents. For more information on this study please click here.

So how do I feel now? Despite being unemployed and really not having much to do with my day, I’m feeling pretty great. I have ambition and drive which was missing for such a long time, which now helps me keep this blog updated. I have a passion for things that I had lost over time and I feel like I’m less angry and so much happier in myself. Yes, I’m aware that coming off the pill means that the period pains will come back and that I may ruin endless amounts of underwear, pjs and bed sheets (TMI?…sorry but not sorry) but for my own happiness….it was definitely worth coming off the pill.

Not all my experiences on the pill were bad. My period pains had reduced and someone whose memory was awful, it was nice to be able to track my periods. For me, these pros did not outweigh the con of my own happiness.

I do wish to point out that not all women experience the same side effects and you may be a lucky one and not experience any horrible side effects. So before taking the pill or any other hormonal contraceptive, make sure you know your own body and if any change seems alarming stop taking the pill and see a doctor. For more information on the pill I was on (Rigevidon) and the pill in general please click here.

What was your experience on the pill? Let me and others know by commenting below.


“No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body. No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother”

-Margaret Sanger, birth control activist.


2 thoughts on “Why I came off the pill…

  1. I was on the pill for about 7 years (Norimin) and yep I got really bad depression on it. When I came off I had horrific pimples pop up everywhere but the depression lessened. Unfortunately came back hard when I had my daughter and I’m still struggling with it now.


    1. So sorry to hear it came back, unfortunately it’s one of those things that never truly go but luckily there’s a lot of help available. I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had any spots or depressive episodes since coming off but it has only been a few months.


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