So…I decided to start a YouTube channel. Not sure what the thought process was but here I am, just waiting for my video to finish exporting so I can upload it.

I am nervous. Vlogging and blogging are very different but it’s always something I have loved to do. I used to love making and editing videos when I was younger and have been thinking about starting a channel for a while now. And now I have!

I decided to stick with calling it LuLuMay Online as its really grown on me as a name, plus it’s my name and I am indeed online.

So my first video can be found here. It’s a rambling mess but that’s what I am. A huge rambling mess. I have another video to edit tonight and will hopefully have that up by tonight as well, so more content coming soon!

I hope you enjoy the video and if you did then please comment, like and subscribe!


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