What’s on my Xmas Wishlist?

This was a tough year to decide what I wanted, especially as my birthday was only in October! But I managed to scrape some ideas together of things I wanted and thought I would share in case you’re stuck for ideas (or if Santa is reading this).

  1. Funko Pop
    These little figurines are the perfect present for anyone. They have a wide range of pops available from Disney, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and loads from many different games. Know someone obsessed with a TV show or game? Then this is perfect. Although this has become a collectors nightmare as some of the pops can be super expensive (e.g. Peter Pan). However most can be found for around £10.
  2. Books
    Now this can either go really well or really bad. For me, there are a few books I would tell people I’d like to read. One Christmas I had asked for the entire collection of “Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events” which turned out really well as different members of my family were able to buy me different books and in less then an hour I had the whole collection. This is a good idea if you’re struggling (as long as someone tells people what books to get….wouldn’t want two of the same book).
  3. Horror Film Collection
    I LOVE horror films. I would rather sit down and watch a horror over anything (apart from Harry Potter or Disney). As classic horror films have a cult following, it is easy to get your hands on DVD boxsets of classic horrors. In fact DVD boxsets are also a good idea to add, as much like the books, you can ask different people for different seasons. This is a much cheaper way to feed those TV show addictions.
  4. Harry Potter merch
    Now you may or may not have guessed but I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I was sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore (could not be happier) and would be happy with any Harry Potter or Slytherin merchandise. This leaves a lot of room for people to surprise me but with them knowing that I would love it no matter what. Although according to my dad this was not specific enough…what happened to the surprise of Christmas?
  5. Meowingtons
    I really play into the stereotype of single crazy cat lady. If you yourself are a crazy cat lady then this is the website for you. It’s called Meowingtons and it sells cat themed merchandise from jewellery to clothing. I have a scarf and ring from here already and I love it. All of this merch is great for small presents or if you’ve been given a cat lover as a secret Santa as everything is affordable and good quality. This is a must website for any cat lover.
  6. Perfume
    This can range from cheap to super expensive, depending on what brand it is. Usually whenever I ask for perfume, I get the Christmas set which usually includes some form of body lotion. But nonetheless Christmas is the perfect time to ask for perfume, last year I received Little Mix Gold Magic and the year before I got One Direction’s Our Moment. The one that I would love for this year would be YSL Black Opium.
  7. CDs
    A bit outdated but still an amazing present. Yes most people download their music but for some die hard fans, nothing beats having a hard copy of the album. This year I would love the Little Mix Glory Days concert edition, as I was actually in the audience on the show they were filming at….and a camera was filming me and my friend dance at one point. Would love to know if they ever used that footage.
  8. One for All gift card
    If you’re really struggling then this is the best gift ever. This card can be used in a multitude of shops and you can keep track of the balance online! Brilliant if you want to give someone a voucher but not sure where they would want to spend it. PLUS you can personalize the card to have any picture you want! My mum did this by using different photos of our dog, Alfie. All the shops that accept this card are listed on their website.


So what’s on your Christmas wishlist? Or what was the best present you have ever received? Comment below and let us know.


“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling”

– Edna Ferber



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