Tattoo Time

All about my finger tattoo

So. I got another tattoo (sorry Nan). This time I decided to get a small tattoo on my finger. It wasn’t 100% planned. Yes, I had wanted it for a while but I had no plans to get it done so soon, but when my Mum decided to get her first tattoo I just couldn’t resist in going along. I had done my research, lots of it and after talking to the tattoo artist I just had to get it done.

So I decided to blog a diary of sorts of my process of my tattoo healing, from the ups and downs and hopefully this will help people decide whether a finger tattoo is for them.

Tattoo Day

As usual the tattoo hurt. Not as much as people said it would but maybe that’s why I didn’t find it painful, because I was expecting a lot worse? Either way it was over in about 10-15 minutes. I left with it delicately wrapped and a bit sore. I kept t covered until I was about to go to bed, when I put the balm on that my tattoo artist recommended (side note: if it’s requested I can do a blog post about my tattoo healing process). That night I was very conscious of my sleeping position and would always make sure that my hand didn’t manage to creep it’s way under my pillow. All in all, it was a peaceful night.

Day 1

I’m slowly realizing how much I actually do with my right hand. From tying my hair up to applying makeup to cleansing. I’m literally thinking about my finger tattoo non-stop, which I suppose actually helps in healing it as I’m so aware of it’s presence I’m less likely to catch it on things. I have, however, caught it on my jumper this morning. Not very much and it was probably just the jumper sticking to the tattoo balm but either way it caused me to stare at my tattoo for a while making sure it was all still intact.

Week 1

It’s been over a week since getting my finger tattoo and it’s healing perfectly. The technique my tattoo artist used has really made sure that blow out is limited, something that is very common with finger tattoos. So far there’s been no peeling or flaking and I’ve started to be able to use my hand again without being scared of ruining the design. To wash my hair and shower I have had to wear a rubber glove as I’m using the dry technique to heal my tattoo. This technique involves not soaking the tattoo and minimizing how much water gets on the tattoo, and instead I put a healing balm on the tattoo at least twice a day (provided by my tattoo artist). But finger tattoos take a lot longer to fully heal then others so there could be a long way to go.

Week 2

So it’s now been 2 weeks since getting my tattoo done. By looking at it there has been some blow out but its very minimal and I think it’s only noticeable because I was looking for it. It has started to dry and peel slightly which is normal so I have just been making sure that I’m putting on my healing balm more regularly. But what I love the most? I love the design. It’s kinda abstract Mickey Mouse and many people don’t notice what it is unless they’re told which I like because it makes it more private even if it’s placement isn’t.


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