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Nyx Liquid Suede Review

I have a total of 6 shades of the Liquid Suede range by NYX. I love the formula of the Liquid Suede as I find the Lip Lingerie range too drying for my already dry lips. The Liquid Suede range is creamier and perfect for those of us who want to appear to be wearing a liquid lipstick but without the uncomfortable dryness. I love both the look and the feel of this range and has very quickly become my go to lipstick for both nights out and during the day. There’s a total of 24 shades so you’re bound to find the perfect shade for you.

I have a video of a further review of each shade here *coming soon* but check out the photos of the shades I have below.

Tea & Cookies
Brooklyn Thorn
Aviary Photo_131285497936444095.png
Subversive Socialite
Aviary Photo_131285501419426127.png
Jet Set

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