Me, myself and I.

So…here we are. My first blog post. Pretty sure I’m supposed to introduce myself but I’ve honestly never been good talking about myself (seriously I got asked to talk about myself in a job interview and my mind went blank…thanks brain -_- ). But here I go attempting to talk about me whilst trying not to sound like a douche.

I’m 22 (off to a good start) and I genuinely hate living in the real world. I enjoy escaping into other worlds in books and television shows, like seriously I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter! Putting aside my bitterness about being a muggle I decided that University was the best choice to make to avoid being a real adult, and so I’ve spent the last 3 years studying Zoology (if you’re wondering how this adventure went, I’ll write a post about my experience).

Zoology is not a glamorous degree and it made me achingly miss fashion and so now that I’ve graduated I couldn’t wait to re-explore my love for clothes and make up. Zoology is also not a highly employable degree and so I’ve found myself unemployed and back to scrounging off my parents (not great for someone who wants all the clothes!) and I like to think of myself as ambitious. However not having any money or anything to spend my days doing, I’ve found that ambition is slowly dying. So I thought what’s more ambitious than starting a blog?!

I’ve always loved testing new products and enjoy watching and reading reviews on clothes, make up and general lifestyle shenanigans. So today, my ambition flared, and I thought why not?!….because all great ideas start with a little voice that says “fuck it”.